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Friday, 29 July 2011


Utopian Massage and Beauty provides a variety of massages.

Massages are beneficial in releasing lactic acid from the muscles, thus relieving tension. Massage also relieves stress by relaxing the body and stimulating endorphins which gives a person an overall feeling of well being. Each massage is done with focus on the clients needs, as well as concentrating on certain tension points to relieve the tension in those areas.

Aromatherapy Massage:
A relaxing massage using essential oils. Each essential oil is extracted from natural plant material such as flowers, herbs, etc. These essential oils are very concentrated and each essential oil has different properties which aid in relieving a variety of symptoms or ailments. By mixing these essential oils in specific blends, they can help to relax or energize the body, or relieve tired muscles.

Hot Stone Massage:
A deep yet soothing massage done with heated basalt stones. These stones retain the heat and are used to massage sore, tense muscles. Heat helps to relax and soothe muscles. An excellent treatment for those cold winter days.

Swedish Massage:
A relaxing yet toning massage which helps to relieve stress while keeping the muscles energized. This massage consists of relaxing massage techniques mixed with some friction movements which aid muscle tone and circulation, with the added benefit of reducing lactic acid.

Sports Massage:
A toning massage for those well worked muscles or for someone needing a deeper pressure. This massage is done with many friction movements and deep tissue massage techniques. Helps to tone the muscles and work out stiffness due to exercise.

Lymph Drainage Massage:
A de-toxing massage which can be done with de-toxing essential oils if desired. This massage works on the lymphatic system helping to aid the bodies natural cleansing process. Beneficial for poor immunity, cellulite and general sluggishness of the body.

Indian Head Massage:
A relaxing massage working on the upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp and face. This massage works on specific pressure points to relax the body and to help relieve tension in the shoulders and neck area. Can also be beneficial in stimulating hair growth and improving concentration.

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